Twin Towns

San Ignacio Town is the heart and soul of the Cayo District, a vibrant traveler center from where all roads and activities fan out. Together with twin-town Santa Elena on the east bank of the Macal River, this is the main population center of Cayo, with lots of good budget accommodation such as Cocopele Inn, decent restaurants and frequent transport.

San Ignacio Town is not like San Pedro, existing only for tourism. It has a very positive and infectious local vibe, with a bustling farmers market and a steady flow of immigrants. Residents are mestizos, Mayas and Creole, as well as a bunch of free-spirited expats from Europe and North America. San Ignacio Town is on the west bank of the Macal River, a couple of miles upstream from its confluence is the Mopan River – a meeting of waters that gives birth to the Belize River.

Getting a bite to eat!

There is no shortage for reasonable priced places to eat with San Ignacio being one of the most tourist- friendly district in Belize. If you’re on a small budget for meals, $14 BZ will cover an entire days worth of food. For more “expensive” meals, plan to spend around $10 BZ for a meal, or $12 BZ if you splurge for the $2 BZ beer.

Grocery shopping will definitely keep your budget under control. A weeks worth of food will cost about $60 BZ if you choose the right way of purchasing groceries or cheaper meals.

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Getting Around

San Ignacio is small enough that you can easily walk to most places of interest. If you’re driving, note that parking can be difficult in the city center. Also pay attention to the one-way traffic system; Hawkesworth Bridge is one-way leaving San Ignacio while New Bridge enters town north of the market. At the turn off into the town you will see a sign mark diversion, this is the way into San Ignacio town from Santa Elena, if you continue pass the diversion Cocopele Inn will be right ahead just a minute walk from Hawkesworth Bridge. Short taxi rides around town cost BZ$5. Getting to the twin town from the Belize International Airport can be accommodated by contacting the Inn to book your private shuttle to or from the area.